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so I got up and worked out and then got two jalapeno and cheddar bagel with cream cheese then went to the hospital for the CT scan. They scanned my head! to see if the cancer had spread to the brain. Good news: my insurance covers the referral to the oncologist.

came back and went into harp room and the 3rd octave B string broke. I still played an O’Carolin tune and a study. Then got a text about “sharing the cleaning.”  Yeah, I am game seeing how I’ve been doing all the cleaning since I moved in. What a hypocrite-he needs to look at his own cleaning habits.  the trash didn’t miraculously take itself out.


now at library and going to work on homework until the public library opens.  I called Kolacny music and gave him a heads up about selling the harp. He is at a conference for CME this weekend so I will wait until next week to give it the go.  I do not know what the future holds, but do I keep the harp even though I have no job or my own house currently?  this too shall pass.



Candelaria, A. Fedewa, A. and Ahn, S. (2012).  The effects of anger management  on children’s social and emotional outcomes: A meta-analysis.  Psychology International. 33 (6). pp. 596-614.

Keywords:angermanagement programs
school psychologists
social-emotional/behavioral outcomes

:The occurrence of violent behaviors and bullying in schools continues to be a recognized problem among students and school personnel. The concern caused by these behaviors have led many schools to implement anger management and other impulse control based programs for at-risk students in an effort to prevent many of these incidences. This study was a comprehensive, meta-analytic synthesis of the literature to assess the effectiveness of these interventions, using a total of 60 studies from 1979–2010 for analysis. Results indicated an overall effect size (ES) of −0.27, showing a small to moderate intervention effect in reducing children’s negative emotional and behavioral outcomes including anger, aggression, and loss of self control. Many different types of anger management components were found to be effective in promoting positive outcomes. Implications for school psychologists are discussed. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]

Glenn, C. (2014).  A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Spirituality and Resilience with Emerging Adult Childhood Trauma Survivors. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health. 16 (1). pp.37-50.

Spiritual meaning-making influences survivor resilience. This article explores and critiques gaps in resilience research as it relates to spiritual meaning-making and childhood trauma survivor development. This work begins with a reflection on the influence of sacred text interpretations and proceeds to address contextual considerations for pastoral counseling with emerging adult childhood trauma survivors. The article concludes with a discussion of the complex relationship between spiritual coping, theological conflict, and survivor adjustment. [ABSTRACT FROM PUBLISHER]


Beck, S., Ledbetter, A. (2013). The influence of parent conflict style on children. Personal Relationships. 20 (3), pp.495-5210.

Families constantly manage tension between autonomy from and connection to family members (T. C. Sabourin, 2003). Family conflict is an important maintenance behavior where this tension often plays out. Specifically, we hypothesized that the negotiation of family conflict between parents and children will be an important factor in the willingness of a young adult child to identify with family. Using a sample of young adults from 2 U.S. locations, regression analysis indicated that conflict styles mediated the association between family communication patterns and shared family identity. Specifically, the level of conformity orientation within the family emerged as moderator of the pattern of mediation. Additionally, findings suggested the avoiding conflict style may be particularly detrimental to shared family identity. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]


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