did not expect that

I went to the doctor this morning and he told me I had stage three cancer-which I kind of knew and have to get radiation and chemo.  Not until AFTER I finish school.  also, they are calling IEHP about moving radiation to ARMC so I do not have to go way further.  this, the car, school, we’ll get through it.  told doctor I aint doing anything until after the semester ends.


oh and I stopped by Honda and vacuumed the car and took four cookies. Life is obviously short-eat the chocolate chip cookies. played the harp: Sonata in B minor.

I read that isis group killed the Jordan journalist. cowards! killing innocent people does not make you powerful.  it shows how pitiful you really are. Same with bullies and intimidators and those who try to use threats to get their way. You know who you are.


working on my literature review for school.  http://www.princeton.edu/~refdesk/primary2.html


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