crash test dummy

so I heard this story about these people going antique shopping and they saw a crash test dummy


with all its bangs and bruises but it was still standing and the guy said he was full of bangs and bruises too, but was still standing.  as you know, I got into a car accident and my honda was totaled. I went to carmax yesterday and looked at cars and the PT cruiser piqued my interest but it has “mechanical” issues and was made in Mexico.

re-thinking purchasing it. I am giving my 30 day notice where I live, maybe.  this is like the 10th time I have had to move. that is why I need a car that all my possessions fit into.  they are so inconsiderate and now the washing machine broke and she doesn’t have enough money to fix it. yeah right.  that is why you need an emergency fund!!

oh and cheri said she would charge me $300 dollars to do my tax returns.  no thank you.  I will do them myself or go somewhere else.

I called my cousin and she said she had the paperwork from Kolacny music and I am selling my harp.  should I wait until I sell it to purchase a car?  Financing would be a great way to establish credit, but would put me into debt.  a part of me thinks financing it AFTER I have the money. made appointment with bank about credit card and some other things. apologized to Jody for being a mooch.  waiting for chocolate at 2:00 pm


gonna work on homework, which is on the satisfactory solution and make amends at Trader Joe’s.  yeah, that’s what i need, a satisfactory solution.


oh, by the way, happy Valentine’s day.


a lot to deal with: housing, homework, health, money, car, career, chocolate, I’m not superman even though I am wearing my Superman underwear today.


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