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Each One Has His Own Place To Fill – Frank B Whitney

EACH ONE of us must come to the realization that his place in the great universal plan is most definite and necessary. He must realize that he is in the position of trying to work against this great plan if he does not fill the niche in life that is rightfully his. He must come to the realization that God has a position for him in which he alone can do the best work.

Never think of yourself as one who finds himself alive and is compelled to see life through, come what may! This’ is not living in the true sense of the word. You must take an active part in life. You must help enrich your own life and the lives of those about you. You must see yourself as a most necessary part of the great plan of life.

If you find yourself in what you consider an inconsequential position, what should you do? Your first step is to make your present position one of consequence. With your ever-expanding consciousness you must outgrow your present position before you can feel ready for the one you idealize. You must definitely know that you have an important place to fill and be ready to fill it.

The person who is always without a position is one who fails to realize that he has a place in the great universal scheme of things. The individual who approaches life from a standpoint of indifference neglects to see the purpose of life.

Each one has his own place to fill. He produces a certain lack or confusion in the great universal scheme If he does not fill his place efficiently and well. He fails to co-operate in the great plan and In turn, from his own viewpoint, everything in the great plan appears to work at cross-purposes with him. His failure to comprehend the great truth of life eventually causes him to appear to fail. Failing to take his place in the great plan, he has the strange experience of feeling that he is a part of life but in large measure unidentified with its great scheme.

You are in the position where you find yourself today because through certain soul activities you have been drawn to It. Your obligation is to do well the tasks assigned to you. You are to realize that you have a solemn obligation to fulfill. You can take a step forward or upward only when you can idealize and visualize the place ahead of you as your own.

Each morning you are brought to the threshold of a new world. You are to conquer this world by not letting its problems master you. You have a tremendous responsibility: that of being ready and willing to stand aside and let the Lord take full responsibility. You must give up personal will in order that you may know the will of God-His good will.

Your place in life is a unique one. No one in all the world knows your soul problems but He who supervises the great plan. No one can appreciate your trials and difficulties as He can appreciate them.
Many times your work is almost a secret pact between you and this great supervisor. Sometimes you are appointed to do that which no one in all the world must know about, to perform that task which is to be considered most confidential.

Think of your position as a most important one. Think of yourself as having a special task to perform in the household of the Lord, regardless of how insignificant it may appear to be. Realize that all work is sacred when performed in the, higher consciousness.

Do you see that you must have a higher view of your relation to the great plan? Do you see that you must take the attitude that you have a great work to do? Do you grasp the truth that your place, your work is important and that only you can fill it or accomplish its task?

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your task, realize the truth of this message today. Begin living a new life through feeling that you owe something to life. You must make it richer. You must enrich your own life and the lives of those about you. You must reach higher and higher in spiritual understanding and then apply that which is taught you to the tasks at hand. You will work without a sense of labor when you approach your work through this new consciousness. His hands will work through your hands and your task will be easily but efficiently performed.


Affirmation  – Florence Shinn

“Be undisturbed by a situation, and it will fall away of its own weight.”

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