hemming and hawing

so I didn’t go through with the purchase of the car.  it came to 7250 for a 2005 honda Civic which is a good price, but  didn’t go through with it.  the price was only good for “today”.  plus they weren’t nice.  You would think if I was about to plunk down 7000 dollars, they could at least be nice.  I wasn’t at peace. I asked Peter at the store what he thought and he came up and talked to me and said when he makes a wrong decision, three more wrong decisions follow.  I just am not ready.  I go in for blood labs tomorrow and then on Thursday I have the appointment with the doctor.  may be Friday I will put my money where my mouth is or maybe another “manager’s special” will show up.


Honda value


need to call and see if Kolacny got paperwork so my harp can go up on the website.  it is for sale.


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