new song, Sunday, sunday haiku

Praise and worship the Lord and only Him,

and the things of this world will grow strangely dim

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Get thee behind me satan, get thee behind, you don’t have the things of Jesus Christ on the mind.

prayed for family, friends, roommates, city, job. Oh I went to the job interview and it was a no go.  Christ in my career. Christ cancelling the cancer. Holy spirit in the hospital. yeah, I am getting all religious and spiritual, but I hear the voice inside. gonna go play harp at noon. then 99 Cents store: paper towels, trash bags, shampoo and conditioner while I still have hair.

pray for them instead of belittling them. but I really don’t care for them. That is why I want a job and a place of my own and fulfilling work and a healing and harp ministry.


swim the way the river

it is flowing with nature

I am like that fish

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