higher standards

Demand higher standards

On a long flight a little while ago, I saw two couples watch movies while they let their six kids run around like maniacs from take off to touchdown. A seven-year old actually punched me. (I didn’t return the punch).

A few days later, I saw the now-typical sight of kids in a decent restaurant eating french fries and chicken fingers while watching a movie on a tablet.

And it’s entirely possible you have a boss that lets you do mediocre work, precisely whenever you feel like it.

I wish those kids had said, “Mom, Dad, raise your standards for me. I deserve it.”

And the sooner you find a boss who pushes you right to the edge of your ability to be excellent, the better.

Even if the boss is you.

Source: Seth’s blog

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these people I live with are hypocritical buddhists. I thought buddhists were supposed to be compassionate and reflective. not slamming doors because I mention I get sick form the incense because of the chemo.  have some love would you?  called Cancercare.org.  gonna get counseling and request financial assistance.  I need to focus on what is good:  Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.  I love myself, my God, my room and the view of the trees. I love that I have insurance and am getting chemo and that the bitterness and fear is going away. I love playing the harp.


Clouds: the gloom of majestic clouds covers the sky.

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