obnoxious kids, high horse, Small River Flowing

I played the harp this morning. I have been forgetting to play Small River Flowing by yolanda Kondanassis., but I remembered this morning.


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Water’s edge by kd lang

I watched the Ellen De genres show yesterday and she had this obnoxious kid on it and Chris Pratt was nice but the kid gloated and ran around.  it’s not funny. we watch a show to laugh, not be put through unruly kids running around.

and while I am on my high horse, yesterday I had the rant about people who call themselves buddhists but don’t mediate and seem completely unaware of the karma and character defects they send out. if you’re gonna be one, be one.  I stopped by the chapel yesterday before radiation and talked to the priest and even he said I need to share the gospel.  so, I will start sharing. and if it means they throw me out, there is a blessing in that.

I have a job interview, but let’s see what it is.

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