I see you

I see through you

at least I think I do


I know parts about you that you don’t know

because you are not aware.

Same with me. I am not as superior as i think. you could provide feedback.

that’s your perception and I may get defensive. but it may be true.

I will have to think about that.


If you can’t see my mirrors

I can’t see you


If you can’t see my mirrors

I can’t see you

Because I am so self-absorbed

I only see the reflection

The image I try to keep and you never get close to the real me

You reach out and touch

But there is only glass


and you can’t even tell there’s a smoke screen

to keep you from seeing clearly.


and if you get too close

I shatter


That’s what happened last time

Last time I was touched

I saw the hand reaching

And it smashed through

And shattered me


And I only see a reflection of you

Of course, you are standing right next to me


All I have to do is turn

But then my eyes wouldn’t be on the mirror

or on myself anymore

I would have to stop being so self-absorbed for that

To really see you


But you’re looking in the mirror too

You know it’s a mirror, right?


Because if you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you


I look away


I can’t see you




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