Mother’s day, money

Happy Mother’s Day.

I went to gramma’s grave this morning and put flowers in and said thank you gramma and mom for all you did: put a roof over our heads, fed us, took us to Elitch Gardens and to parties and gave us presents and loved us!!!

Love is a good thing, but a lot of us have been burned and so we aren’t so willing to be vulnerable again. I love my cousins and my family, I hope they are fulfilled and happy and living good lives. But that romantic love love and gooey feelings, not there.

read a book about picturing and visualizing wealth and a plan and moving money around into accounts that can yield more money. So I am going to make an appointment and move some money around into better yielding accounts. Ddefinitely applying for jobs in Florida;  may have a Universal Studios interview and am really thinking of not going onto the next phase of chemo. Or maybe going on to the next phase of chemo. If that is what the doctor is prescribing, then I may go through with it. If that is what it takes to be cancer free. Other wise, I have learned, it stays in Stage III, which is where I am at. If it goes into remission, it may come back, but then again, nobody lives forever. So I am wondering if I could put off treatment until after I get a job, get insurance and can restart this whole process. that is an option. So is getting a job that will work in conjunciton with chemo and staying three or four more months and losing my hair and then leaving at the end of August.  or at least applying for financial assistance and still moving out of the place where I am at.  even though I am grateful.

doesn’t this dummy in the Benjamin Moore commercial resemble kd lang?


thank you to Harp column for the comped copy of this months magazine.  gonna go play harp now. played Stairway to Heaven.

Goal: a fun job that pays well, my own place, the harp, a ministry, friends, love. health!!!

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