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I feel better today. I have a harp lesson at noon. I am going to rum to Panera and get the spinach, egg white and avocado sandwich. eating really lightly.

Mental Equivalent by Emmet Fox:

Fox makes the following statement – “Whatever enters into your life is but the material expression of some belief in your own mind”. (Fox, 2012).  Your experience of life is a reflection of what is held within your belief system. He states the way to change your belief system is to create a mental equivalent of what you desire to experience in your life.

Mental Maps

I call these belief’s mental maps and holding the mental equivalent is to create a new more powerful mental map through your thoughts, your words, your feelings, and then putting action behind them.  That is how we can change our experience of what is going on life.

Next he states – “The secret of successful living is to build up the mental equivalent that you want; and to get rid of, to expunge, the mental equivalent that you do not want”.

Through the science of successful living you can change the mental maps you now hold and replace them with new affirmative maps by using these three tools:

  1. Become aware of your day to day mental focus.  The way to create space to be aware of your focus to practice some form of meditation.
  2. Get educated by reading and listening to material that uplifts you and helps you understand the power of making different choices in your life.
  3.  Practice Affirmative action.  It can be affirmations, writing about yourself as if you are experiencing your life desires. You can add some affirmative prayer too.

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