so my sponsor said not to give notice until I have another place, which makes sense. I also really want to get a job and EARN the money. I have applied for a couple of places.


in both the prayer book I am reading and the Tony Robbins blog post, it talks about the power of momentum.


the first part is about putting yourself in peak place. The place where you think it is possible and that you can the inner power to do it. then, your passion, then take intelligent action and be honest with yourself.  This is what I want:  to be cancer free, to get a job  interview within the week. to be ready to go to work with professional, ethical and friendly people. to finish chemo. to then find an other place to live with clean, honest and friendly people who share my values and spiritual beliefs.

Let’s do this.  I talked to friends last night. sponsor says to visualize good and that I am already living my dream. A part of me is grateful I live where I live.  Once the gym opens up again, I will be close and I am already in taking showers and view of the swimming pool and cable TV. plus the DMV is going to send my registration there. It will all come in time.


talked to another friend and she is a mess. She isn’t paying rent because she made an agreement to take care of this guy in order to live rent free. she is working, has credit card debt and eats a lot of sugar and is into the occult. I tried to tell her that I am a Christian and stay away from the occult (that is one of the demons and unclean spirits I had to cast out in Jesus’ name) but she didn’t get it. why doesn’t she pay her bills with the money she earns. She said she didn’t earn enough. But if she pays bills, and makes a minimum on her credit cards she could get out of debt and create a savings account. I shouldn’t talk. I need to get a job and work and earn money and pay my bills with the money I earn and not depend on a man or mooch-that is sloth that is another demon I cast out. I cannot control other people, but I can see what I do not like in them and then not be that way.  I am on my 6th and seventh step in AA-so those character defects, I am asking God to take them away and help me fly right.


I want a job that supports me, where I can afford my own one bedroom and have my harp and play in church and a ministry and go to AA and have friends and be creative and contribute to the humanity.


eliminate toxins

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