I was flipping through the channels yesterday and came across Hoarders. The lady would not throw out anything. finally her sister grew frustrated and through one of her pet rocks across the yard.   the lady yelled at her and said, “I had plans for that rock.”  it was just a rock!  what plans and why didn’t she implement those plans?  what false belief in her made her think it was worth something. I can understand a diamond ring. It has value and means that it is an heirloom from family. But even if you don’t have the diamond ring and you have the other diamond rings, plus the car plus you got money and clothing throughout the years, it means that you are loved. Even if they gave you nothing, know that you are loved and prized and have inner worth. You don’t need possessions or a lot of money to prove your worth. you have talents, gifts and created beautiful children.


another thing about rocks. I can drop mine. the rock of accusation, the rock of fear the rock of a false belief. I suggest you do the same. I no longer have the need for bitterness or cancer in my life.  Christ is my rock of salvation.


Calling the school to check where my Masters Degree is?


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