important not impotent

playing music and the harp is really important to me. I am going to start recording myself and marketing my talent. I am going to be cancer free. I am going on to a great life.

go with the flow

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calculating and methodical and pattern and provision.  I do not have to stay and am applying for jobs here and out of state.  There are options.  I talked to the Tony Robbins representative yesterday. Laid out my goals:

get my harp back. Record myself and market my talent. play in hotels, wedding gigs. etc… get full time employment perhaps in HR or with hotel so that allows me to travel, to be cancer free, to have a better quality of friendships and to invest money and be a good steward of money wisely. also, to have my own 1B/1B condo. perhaps do conflict resolution and mediation sessions online.


He has this formula:

S for specific

M for measurable

A for attainable

R for realistic

T for timetable


the cost of the course for 6 months is $3100. yeah, that’s the catch. if I were employed now, I might do it. but for now, I am going to order the CD he offered me. in He also talked about value: valuing yourself and valuing your talent and skills. My resume ought to reflect how I can add value to a company or a client.  I could do a lot with $3000 dollars



kd lang singing


Don’t be so frustrated about when you’re going to reach your destination that you never enjoy the journey.  see I have got to be okay here and in the now and make a gratitude list.  One step at a time. I am going to ask Betsy and Nadine to help me set goals and commit to them- a game plan.

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He also talked about letting go of fear and being results driven. see the end product. Fears:  fear of economic insecurity, fear of employment and actually having to show up, fear of losing music talent- which is total Bs fear of sister coming after me, but for what? God will give me the words to say and the wisdom to handle it at the time. Fear of losing value which is also BS, not growing.  and that is what I want: to grow, to enlarge, more money, more contribution, more places to see, more wonderful people, better experiences.

Cancer be gone!!!!!  gonna get a cancer cap if hair falls out, maybe the Life is Good cap.



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