postage, insurance, crickets

I am going to order the Tony Robbins Cd and pay the postage. It can’t hurt.  my insurance is due on the 17th. My next chemo round starts June 29th. I have been applying for jobs but not only here, but in Colorado and Florida.

niece’s birthday is August 8th and I am going to go visit.  sister may find out but it may be a way to make amends or  loose her and let her go. God can turn all things for good.

cricket places

let’s go to the St. Louis zoo

and then to the Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens 1 Photograph

and to the waterfall

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Psalm 42:7
New International Version
Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

regarding recent Supreme court decisions:

Obamacare and the affordable care act means we can get insurance.

same sex marriage means that gays are not discriminated against.

#lovewins❤️ #pridenyc2015 Yes.

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talked to roommate and told her I judge her.

we shouldn’t treat others as second class. it stems from insecurity.

I really want to just go. find my own place.

I have a lot to offer the human race.

I am valuable and gifted, and from this place I can be lifted.

I am a butterfly. I reach to the sky

give it a try

Then to the Hermitage




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