plans may change, Liberation, turn here



  1. Read pp. 6-10 in your excerpt of The Success Principles.  
  2. Listen to my free 60-minute audio gift, “Take Control and Get What You Want for inspiring stories on what people just like you can accomplish when they take control of their lives and pursue what they really want in life.
  3. As you listen, write down one recent outcome you weren’t happy with and consider how a different response might have resulted in a better situation.

okay, I do want to give notice at the place I am living. She taped over the air conditioning and it gets hot and smuggy in my room.  I went to chemo yesterday and got a wig.

  1. Think of an upcoming event that you’re worried about and consider the different responses you can make. Which one is most likely to lead to the outcome you desire most? I can be calm and pray and take action about finding another place. I can look for work. I get to look for work. I get to look for another place. I get to improve my life.

To improve your chances of creating the favorable outcome, please share the upcoming event and your planned response with a loved one.  I am going to visit David on the 8th. next chemo session is the 20th of July.

register car today


Liberate yourself from the blame game.

5-10 blame behaviors I need to let go of:

It’s not Phil and Lorie, you chose to be there even though you had the feeling in your gut. So now, bless them, let them go and make plans to get a job and move out.

You didn’t get work or establish credit the two years since mom died, so now, get work and establish credit.

It’s not your sister’s fault anymore. She is who she is, and you cannot let her behavior or thoughts effect your self-esteem; you are worthy of a good life and do not project future scenes. The holy spirit will give you the words to say,. Never again will you be afraid of your sister or the demons inside her; never again will you let bitterness or anger run your life. Never again will you be a vagabond search, instead, you will be established firm, stay at that job and be still.


get my own place. I may just move closer to nephew.  why not? plan to visit.

I vow to participate in my healing. I vow to love and value myself. I REALLY have to turn this around.

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be honest, call it what it is.  and what do you REALLY want? creative expression, harp, home, helping others, harmony, money, security, fulfilling work where my great delight meets the worlds needs, love, emotional freefall.




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