And today you’re going to take stock of your past successes and use their power to fuel you on your journey toward future success. So today’s big question is: what amazing things have you achieved in your life?


Maybe you put yourself through university, traveled the world, or taught yourself a lucrative skill.

drove across the country, put myself through school, am getting treatments, finding a new place to live. working the steps in AA.

Maybe you have achieved success in your career.

worked at Disneya nd Universal and Macy’s and Vail Resorts.

Maybe you survived a horrible childhood or overcame a major personal setback.

trauma and disunion, became a Christian, AA.

Maybe you married the love of your life and have raised incredible children.

no. but had freedom as a single person. participated at church.

Whatever successes you’ve achieved or challenges you’ve overcome—now is the time to acknowledge and celebrate them.  I can do it again.



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