just keep moving

I am going to give notice today. I am going to move into another place where it is clean, the people are honest and nice and it is in a good neighborhood and affordable.

I will be getting a job that works with the chemo schedule.

Visualize success

I am going to cancel my debit card and get another card. and I am going to deposit money into the CD account on the third.

Don’t talk about the way you are. Talk about the way you want to be. You are prophesying your future.  i know you all get sick of me being positive, but I need to . I cannot stay in the dumps and visualize failing, I am fighting for my life here. I have cancer and am visualizing cancer free. I am worthy of a good life and these people treat me not as I deserve, which is with love. and it doesn’t have to be the past again. I have to try something new.

I have to let friend in Orlando go for a while. She is doing stuff I do not agree with and have to let go of that energy and surround myself with better people.

just keep moving


professional ethics on what to charge for a harp recital

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