fire and sky

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Power of intention:

I intend to heal from cancer and be cancer free. My body is now warm and cool and healthy and moving freely with no pain!

I intend to be bitter free and let go of bitterness and anger and fear. I intend to know what real love is.

I intend to have my own place that I get to decorate and clean.

I intend to get a job that I enjoy and get paid well.

I intend to have happy, harmonious friendly deep, loving relationships. I intend to have a romantic relationship with someone whom I can do an emotional freefall.

I intend to resolve conflicts and people pay me for this practice.

I intend to play the harp at church and at gigs. And record myself and market myself and get paid.

I intend to go to church and put myself under submission of a godly pastor who preaches the truth of Jesus Christ.

LV, Denver, Orlando.

I intend to heal.

I intend to work and get paid at a job that brings happiness and meaning to other people’s lives.


Christ’s DNA: Divine nature activated.


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