Happy Fourth of July.




a bun dance

I intend to have and want a job that pays me $2700 a month or to get that HR job that pays $30,000-40,000 annually.

I want to work and earn money. I make room for it. I work with ethical, professional, kind funny people.

I get to decorate the home or apartment I live in. creative expression, painting.

I live with friendly, ethical, honest, kind people who are clean!

I live in a good neighborhood. Flowers.

I live in Florida and Colorado. A 1B/1B apartment and then make a down payment on my own condo once I get a job and am secure.

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Writing, harpist, conflict resolution. HR?  insurance?

I am receiving treatments and they are working and I am cancer free-NED!! Dancing, perfectly healthy.

I have good friends and a loving family. I send Kathy love and I no longer name call or bash her. Instead, I pray for her healing. Marriage? It can happen. Someone who shares my spiritual beliefs and with whom I can do an emotional freefall and is good with money and honest.

Church, church family, healing ministry, playing the harp at gigs and in the worship service.

I have a$150,000 in the bank by December 25, 2015. I intend to invest in the PIMCO fund.

$150,000 in the bank by December 31st of this year.) –


Investing in the PIMCO fund.


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