what other people call you

is more a reflection of themselves than of you. So this is what happened: the other person who lives there never cleans the bathroom, so I did. and I got sick. mostly because i was upset aobut cleaning it, not because of my immune system. Then he left it dirty and so I tried to clean it up making a bigger mess and then I left. I got a text from landlady saying it is filthy so I wrote her back and said other person needs to clean it. then the fight came when he confronted me and I told him he needs to clean up his own **** and he called me pathetic.  Will, I am pretty and athletic so that makes me prathletic, but not pathetic. So then I told him to look at himself but he didn’t want to hear it because people who are miserable and angry and not in a program what to point fingers at others instead of looking at themselves. Anyways, I met with sponsor yesterday and saw my part. Perhaps I am pathetic because I am not working and I am physically and mentally able to. I am not receiving unemployment or disability and am using my emergency fund to live. i have been praying about making room for a job and I did apply for a good one today. anyways, I should not have snapped and pulled the Jesus card and realize he is not growing, and blowing smoke and resorts to name calling and put downs because of his insecurities and just wants love and appreciation like everybody else. so I forgive and try again. Landlady never restored cable or went over checklist so I will remind her today. Seeing if there is anything I can do to lower my insurance payments.  I didn’t go to Honda for the airbag-not into it and don’t want to pay $33 for the oil change when right down the street they have a special for $16.00. then I’ll wash my own car. Looking to save money.

Cast it off.

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trying to apply conflict resolution skills to real life without letting my emotions overpower my though processes.



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