punch, push and kick

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you’ve got to push and punch through. My medical got cancelled and as a result, my insurance got cancelled and so I was on the phone this morning getting that straightened out. I used the school phone. Speaking of insurance, I decided to get a higher deductible and get renter’s insurance next place and so my monthly bill will be lowered.


I came home last night and they had a “guest” staying on the couch-the new person moving in. this is still a good thing, my moving out and I believe I will get a nicer place, with friendlier, ethical, clean people. I went to the healing rooms last night and was the first one to sign in, but never got called. So I went to the guy and they had filed my paper away and I got upset and told them this is the second time I have been overlooked. feelings of being devalued surfaced, which is stupid because I know I have value. anyways, we prayed, but I told them to be more conscientious because someone might get overlooked and not be as emotionally stable as I and do something drastic.

so instead of me doing something drastic, I worked out, read, prayed and am going to do some art stuff.

Meditation and art therapy can change your brain and lower anxiety.


Abby Wambach liking Abby. Getting a kick out of her? get it?  I like strong women. strong emotionally.

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be strong and wait upon the Lord.

Psalm 27:14
Parallel Verses
New International Version
Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD

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