judge not, take action, excellence

I need to stop judging others (even though it is fun) and look at myself. I need to get a job, I need to let go of the need to have cancer, I need to associate pleasure with a paycheck, I need to get a job,. she texted me this morning asking if I have found a place because her friend might not move in. I said I am texting someone this afternoon and let’s see how that goes. The thing is, I can do better. I demand that of myself. I demand I find a job. I demand I earn money. I demand I eat healthy, I demand, I find a friendly, clean and cool place where I get to decorate. I demand I find a one bed/one bath i can afford. I have to be ready to accept that job. I demand I clean my own room.  I demand I get my harp back. I demand I make room for it. okay, so maybe I do not demand, but I ask myself for these things.

Focus: You cannot succeed in life by scattering your forces, trying to do a dozen things at the same time.

I am willing to make amends. I am willing to make amends to my sister and that may mean contacting her.

Raise a standard.


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