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UPDATE: now I feel guilty because I can afford to stay in a hotel and pay for it myself. I want to pay the county back the money now. Applied for a some job, one in La and places to live. One is out in Victorville and I am willing to live out there.  But I really want a good job, a place to live, to have my harp and perhaps play in a church or at gigs, and sew dresses and be okay. I need to get rid of this cancer. Going to the lab to give blood now.


There are solutions!!!

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.

Norman Vincent Peale


I stayed at the hotel last night. I went to county and got food stamps and today I go to county for housing assistance.

list of shelters in San Bernardino County


UPDATE: I went to SB County Housing Assistance.

I didn’t qualify because I need to have a place set up, which I don’t. They gave me a list of shelters.  I cried. So they offered to put me up in a hotel and I want to participate in a passport program.

nephew apologized.  getting on my feet.  played the harp this morning.


It shouldn’t be like this. That is what I get for not getting a job, blasting others and being lazy. Next time, this won’t happen. I get a job, I stayed employed, I play harp on the side, and sew clothes and I get my own place.

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