liar, liar, pacifier

so I texted former landlady asking if she had any plans to return the security deposit. She responded that she has been too busy.  of course I believe her (NOT)!

I am trying to remain at peace. I am in the hotel for another day and will probably go to sign up for passport.  I picked up book for traffic school to be an instructor and need to take the test.  I also have a job interview set up for a substitute teacher position at the church.  I know I can do better.

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Sometimes, God sets us in uncomfortable places so He can strengthen us as we rise and overcome our adversities.

I played harp this morning. It was so good. would love to market myself and I can. This is possible.

Read Destiny yesterday and it uplifted me.  I am really tring to not give up hope. I can get past this. It is only temporary. Want to find a good place to live. Healthy, clean, cool and ethical.

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