make it good

Angel arranged by Paul Baker for the Harp

I went to the Making extra money seminar last night, because I thought it was going to be extra jobs on the side, like Valet parking or doing online data entry work. I was a little disappointed, but focused on making something to sell at farmer’s Market, like an ornament or gluten free bread or even playing the harp for gigs.  She also mentioned marketing yourself and speaking with confidence.  She told me to not disclose to potential employers that I have cancer.  I need to go get another wig and some different color eyebrow pencil. the one I have now is too brown and I look like Mrs. Roper.

Image result for mrs. roper three's company

perhaps I could make wigs?  I hate this cancer, I really do. I curse it and command it to die! I know I sound like some weirdo freak but whatever works!


I have applied for a couple of jobs: one in Vail Colorado, the other for a hotel here in CA. also, I have a job as a proctor for the elementary school system in the area where I live.

gotta go give blood now.


Christ’s DNA (Divine Nature activated) form of clean blood. Had an immunizer last night for dinner.


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