Atom smashing

 Atom Smashing Power of the Mind – Charles Fillmore

Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of God is within you.’ Science tells us that there is a universal life that animates and sustains all the forms and shapes of the universe. Science has broken into the atom and revealed it to be charged with tremendous energy that may be released and be made to give the inhabitants of the earth powers beyond expression, when its law of expression is discovered.  Jesus evidently knew about this hidden energy in matter and used His knowledge to perform so-called miracles.
Our modern scientists say that a single drop of water contains enough latent energy to blow up a ten-story building. This energy, existence of which has been discovered by modern scientists, is the same kind of spiritual energy that was known to Elijah, Elisha, and Jesus, and used by them to perform miracles.
By the power of his thought Elijah penetrated the atoms and precipitated an abundance of rain. By the same law he increased the widow’s oil and meal. This was not a miracle–that is, it was not a divine intervention supplanting natural law–but the exploitation of a law not ordinarily understood.  Science is discovering the miracle-working dynamics of religion, but science has not yet comprehended the dynamic directive power of man’s thought. All so-called miracle workers claim that they do not of themselves produce the marvelous results; that they are only the instruments of a superior entity.
Jesus did not claim to have the exclusive supernatural power that is usually credited to Him. He had explored the ether energy, which He called the ‘kingdom of the heavens’; His understanding was beyond that of the average man, but He knew that other men could do what He did if they would only try. He encouraged His followers to take Him as a center of faith and use the power of thought and word. ‘He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.’
The great modern revival of divine healing is due to the application of the same law that Jesus used. He demanded faith on the part of those whom He healed, and with that faith as the point of mental and spiritual contact He released the latent energy in the atomic structure of His patients and they were restored to life and health.
Have faith in the power of your mind to penetrate and release the energy that is pent up in the atoms of your body, and you will be astounded at the response. Paralyzed functions anywhere in the body can be restored to action by one’s speaking to the spiritual intelligence and life within them. Jesus raised His dead bodies in this way, and Paul says that we can raise our body in the same manner if we have the same spiritual contact.
What have thought concentration and discovery of the dynamic character of the atom to do with prayer? They have everything to do with prayer, because prayer is the opening of communication between the mind of man and the mind of God. Prayer is the exercise of faith in the presence and power of the unseen God. Supplication, faith, meditation, silence, concentration, are mental attitudes that enter into and form part of prayer. When one understands the spiritual character of God and adjusts himself mentally to the omnipresent God-Mind, he has begun to pray aright.

Metaphysics 101

Divine Potential: That Spark of the Divine Flame of Life, within us, through which we may develop into a perfected human being-the Christ man, or the illumined one. The God-in-us that is mighty to do for us all that we can conceive ourselves to be. Through this infinite Potentiality for Perfection, in us, all things are possible.


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