alpaca, BACA and attacks

I am liking alpacas. Maybe I should knit alpaca sweaters?

look at yourself


This is for me:

Taking the Pressure Off Other People

by Joyce Meyer – posted October 24, 2015

First of all, then, I admonish and urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all men.
– 1 Timothy 2:1

Love and acceptance are universal needs people have. This includes the people in our lives. If we demand that people change to be more like us or to suit our liking, we are putting a tremendous strain on those relationships.

I remember the years I furiously tried to change[name redacted] and each of our children in different ways. Those were frustrating years, because no matter what I tried, it didn’t work. My efforts to change the people I loved weren’t helping matters. In fact, I often just made things worse.

As humans, all of us require space, or freedom, to be who we were created to be. We want to be accepted as we are. We don’t want people giving us the message, even subtly, that we must change in order to be approved or loved.

This doesn’t just mean we accept sin in other people and merely put up with it. It just means that the way to change is prayer, not pressure. If we love people and pray for them, God will work. For change to last, it must come from the inside out. Only God can cause that type of heart change.

Nagging is not an effective tool for change. Only prayer and God’s love will do the job.

Forgive me for  being the judgmental Christian lady, but it’s my defense mechanism against your attacks. I cannot force you to stop finding fault with others, or trying to use manipulation and lies, all I can do, is not let it effect me anymore. I need to raise a higher standard in myself. I want a great life for myself.  I have to ask myself though, “Do I have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are inside me?

Because that is what it comes down to. To forgive them, just ignore their criticisms and their hates. Forgive me for being a hater. I forgive myself. To have the guts to play the harp, to tell the story, to wear the gowns and be beautiful again, to teach about Jesus and healing and that it’s okay to want and achieve the beautiful life.  and yes, save the masses, but lift the burden of just one person even if that person is me.

The reason I do not post videos of myself playing the harp is that:

  1. I am bald because of the chemo.
  2. My harp is in Colorado. If my job goes permanent, I may have to rent a truck, drive out to Colorado and get it and then come back.  Or I may get a job in Colorado and pick it up and live in my own place with my own harp.
  3. I haven’t asked anybody to video me. I do not have a smart phone because I am not in the 21 century. Plus I like my phone; it is pay-as-you-go. But it wouldn’t hurt me to get into the 21 century and get a smart phone.

Lame excuses all!

I have every right to be rich and to try to achieve a life of my dreams.  I have a purpose in life which is to play the harp to bring healing and joy to others. To use my degree in Conflict Resolution to help others. But if you don’t want to come to the table, I can’t help you. I hope though that you get help somewhere and with someone, so you won’t hold grudges, so that you can experience unconditional love. To make money and self=preservation and to leave behind more good than bad. I want you to live your dream life, but to get that life in a legitimate manner, not by lying or stealing or manipulation. Those are not good character traits. I am sorry, I am lecturing again. I have no control over you. I need to practice what I preach and forget the preaching. I realize you had a traumatic experience in your child hood. Please get help. use that energy to write a book or create an organization like BACA.

Aside from musical experience, the next best predictor of musical ability is personality, and specifically, openness to new ways of thinking.

Research indicates that putting food in your mouth with your non-dominant hand can cut down on how much you eat by approximately 30 percent.

and why would I want to do that? #must lose some weight


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