Internal tension can be a healthy sign of opening up your life sphere: facing fears, chasing dreams.

took my harp off sale and am making plans to go get it.  ministry? uploading videos? Hotels? harp on a plane.

Self-respect beats social approval. Every time. Be true to you.

“Be still. Stand in love, and pay attention. Be still or we will never hear that voice guiding us to our destiny.” #RWPI


imagination is the superpower of the human being

Successful people know what they are “not” as much as what they “are.” That is, they are clear about things they don’t like and don’t want. The term for this is “definition.” That may include preferences, such as personality styles, music types, foods and hobbies. It may also include hurtful things such as disingenuous people, deception and dishonesty. You find your edges when you figure out what you love and don’t love, and it helps you focus on life. People who say they like just about everything and see themselves as easy and flexible sometimes are simply afraid to say what they feel. Be clear about your yes and your no. Healthy people will move closer to you and unhealthy people will move on.


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