I went to an 11th step meeting and what stuck out for me is when Bill W says using our mind for creative imagination. that is, instead of evil forebodings.  Also, looking at out negative side and being willing to let that behavior go. let go of strife.

I started my job yesterday. I got my elf uniform. Work as though working for the Lord. Colossians 3:23.
To quote Mr. Graves, “In the end, work is too important a part of our lives to exempt it from our joy and our responsibility of giving glory to God.”    It also says in the big book of AA “we had a new employer, and being all-powerful, he will provide what we need as long as we stick close.”

I asked Mike last night about using his suburban to pick up the harp and he said he was going to Denver in mid-December. so, he might be the one to pick up the harp. He asked for the dimensions:

Chicago Concertino Extended

47 StringsChicago Concertino Extended
0 octave G to 7th octave C

70″ (178 cm)

Soundboard Width
20″ (51 cm)

Extreme Width
38 3/4″ (98 cm)

78 lbs (35 Kg)


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