Your Own Valuation

The world will take you at your own valuation. Your body will take you at your own valuation. Your business will take you at your own valuation; for your own value is the value that you really put upon yourself.
“Oh, but,” you may say, “that cannot be true, because I know several people who are always boasting and pretending and yet no one ever takes them seriously.”
Please note that I said the value you really put upon yourself. That important word makes all the difference in the world. People who boast, bluff, and pretend, have really a poor opinion of themselves-or why would they pretend? And it is this poor opinion or sense of inferiority that is demonstrated in the failure that such people always make of their lives.
The man who really believes that his wares are excellent does not dream of lying about them. The man who is satisfied with what he is, has no incentive to pretend to be something he is not. The man who is conscious of substantial achievement has no desire to boast.
Nature always takes you at your own valuation. Believe you are the child of God-really believe it. Believe that you express Divine Life, Divine Truth, and Divine Love. Believe that Divine Wisdom guides you. Believe that God is your supply. Believe that God is helping and blessing humanity through you yourself. Believe that you are a special enterprise on the part of God and that He is opening your way-and what you really believe, that you will demonstrate.  emmet Fox

The Awakening -Wallace D. Wattles

No greater good can come to any man or woman than to become self-active. All the experiences of life are designed by Providence to force men and women into self-activity; to compel them to cease being creatures of circumstances and master their environment. In his lowest stage, man is the child of chance and circumstance and the slave of fear. His acts are all reactions resulting from the impingement upon him of forces in his environment. He acts only as he is acted upon; he originates nothing. But the lowest savage has within him a Principle of Power sufficient to master all that he fears; and if he learns this and becomes self-active, he becomes as one of the gods.
The awakening of the Principle of Power in man is the real conversion; the passing from death to life. It is when the dead hear the voice of the Son of Man and come forth and live. It is the resurrection and the life. When it is awakened, man becomes a son of the Highest and all power is given to him in heaven and on earth. Nothing was ever in any man that is not in you; no man ever had more spiritual or mental power than you can attain, or did greater things than you can accomplish. You can become what you want to be.

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