remember, or don’t

Happy Memorial Day, thank you for your service. But let’s not repeat the past, let’s learn.

“We are not bound … to repeat the mistakes of the past. We can learn. We can choose.” — speaks at Hiroshima.

Easier said than done.

Andy Stanley says:
* “To get from where we don’t want to be to where we do want to be requires two things: time and a change of direction.”
* “Direction-not intentions, hopes, dreams, prayers, beliefs, intellect, or education-determines destination.”
* “We should break the habit of drawing a circle around individual decisions and events and dismissing them as isolated occurrences. These are steps. Steps that lead somewhere.”
* “Prudent people look as far down the road as possible when making decisions.”
* “Christians start talking about forgiveness as if somehow forgiveness serves as an escape hatch from the outcome of bad decisions.”
* “When happiness points in one direction while wisdom, truth, integrity, and common sense point in another, that’s when really smart people start doing really stupid things.”
* “Your heart can’t be trusted… The truth is, if you let it, your heart will direct you down a path that leads to the very spot you most want to avoid.”
* “The choices are now. The outcomes are later. The decisions you make today have ramifications down the road.”
* “One never accomplishes the will of God by breaking the law of God, violating the principles of God, or ignoring the wisdom of God.”
* “I am constantly amazed at how resistant folks are to take their cues from people who are where they want to be.”
* “We don’t drift in good directions. We discipline and prioritize ourselves there.”


Neurogym says:


No fear





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