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so saturday I went ahead and activated the card, then later that afternoon, the car wouldn’t start. So I contacted insurance (thank God I have insurance) and they towed it to the shop and it’s the starter. They kept it overnight and I had to learn the bus routes.

Then, the next day, I got a headache because i didn’t make my usual stop at the gym and Trader joe’s. My landlady took me to pick it up and I had to use the card to pay for it. and she paid for the rest. So just in time I got that card, huh? Coincidence? Ouch! thank God I have money, but at the same time, I could have done without this.  My goal is to get employment, to get a place to live and to get my harp and find a great church I love, not just one I tolerate and to be of service to humanity.  I keep at it and refuse to be discouraged!


The Law ~ Dr. Emmet Fox

Now we come to the consideration of the Law. A great deal is heard of the Law but many people lack a definite understanding of what it really means. Briefly, the Law is this: there is an unbreakable sequence of cause and effect right throughout the universe. This sequence is never broken, and therefore there is no such thing as favoritism, special providences, hard cases, or anything of that sort. As we sow we reap. Every deed results in certain consequences, and these consequences come to us as the result of the deed, and that is all about it. This is the Law, and once we understand this we have taken the first great step on the road to freedom. We then understand that if we do not desire certain consequences to come into our lives, we must not set them going by taking the corresponding action. If we do not want the goods delivered we must not order them.
In past time it was only the more developed souls, the great Initiates, who were able to grasp this principle, but now, in these days of general education and general understanding of natural science, the “man in the street” thoroughly understands the idea of law. He quite understands that if the electric light will not work, or if the wireless is dumb, it is simply because the laws of electricity have been transgressed, not because some mysterious power has a “down” on him, or because someone is trying to punish him. He knows that because the laws of electricity have been transgressed he will get no light or sound, as the case may be, but for the same reason he also knows that as soon as the law has been fulfilled (by the putting in of a fuse or the closing of a switch or whatever may be required) then nothing whatever can prevent his getting his light or his music. Now we have reached the point when we understand that this idea of law is not confined to electricity; chemistry, or mechanics, but runs through the entire gamut of human experience. Every difficulty in our lives, from a petty annoyance to a broken heart comes under the Law, just as surely as does our electric light, our wireless set, or our motorcar.
The first consequence to us of appreciating this tremendous truth is that when we find ourselves in difficulties we do not blame other people. This of course is usually the first impulse, but it is a fatal one. If you do not look for the trouble in the right place you cannot locate it and put it right. If the bedroom light goes out, it is no use tampering with the scullery fuse. In the same way, since all our troubles are due to our own mistakes and we cannot by any chance suffer for anybody else’s mistakes, to blame other people when things go wrong is simply to try to repair the wrong fuse. If we sow right thoughts and actions, health, prosperity and happiness must come into our lives, irrespective of what anyone else may think or do. If we sow wrong or foolish thoughts or deeds, then trouble must come sooner or later somewhere, sometime, somehow, irrespective of what anyone else may do.  The Science of Living


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