Setting and achieving goals

clarity, focus and determination, network, give and take, financial, relational.

Interested in committed? You will do what is convenient, but if you are committed, you will do whatever it takes and take action.

Have absolute clarity and focus on exactly what your goals are. No wavering. Harp, home, career, Christ, ministry, music.


je ne regrette rien

12 months: love the Lord your God will all your heart, mind and soul; love your neighbor as yourself!

Written clear goals: Harp, playing for gigs and a ministry. Writing, a career. 155,000 by 55!

Why: to impact others, to heal them, to bring them joy, to make money, to provide for family: nephew, , the kids, sister, friend, Dawn, the church, Troy, self. Love yourself Regina.


S+ T + T= Strategy, Tactic, timeline.

S is for strategy:

Strategy: start a business, find a home, get the harp, and get a job. Sell your knowledge, offer your services or products to people.

T is for tactics: Specific. goal of getting a good job. goal of playing the harp. Goal of getting a place to live, goal of walking and exercising. swimming? Find a place that has a gym and a swimming pool. Make a new friend. Put timeline together.

T is also for time: timelines: when do it by.  What you are going to do to achieve your goals. Break down the bigger goal into smaller chunks, those are your tactics.  Take the action.

Why? Because you want your life to matter. I  want to make money for myself and the ones I love. I  want to heal and educate and bring joy to others.   Resolve conflicts, create peace.

Two types of beliefs that you have:

explicit or implicit. Explicit: I am able to make more money, I am able to own my own home, I am healthy and beautiful and provide a service to others that helps uplift humanity and beings value (in the form of money and influence)

implicit ( the deep down, subconscious) what is dis empowering you? Do you think you are good enough. Yes, you are! I did well in school, I am employable.

Alignment: coherence. Read your goals every day. the vocabulary. Play act. go through the motions and believe it is real. playing the harp for gigs and for hospitals and healing and ministry.

Securing a full time job to support myself. worthy of loving relationships. find a place to live.

No rotten tomatoes:


When: Saturday, June 11, 2016 

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
(2.0 CLE Hours; Competance)

Classroom 130

As mediators, we often find ourselves in the situation of being “shock-absorbers.” How do we maintain our overall well-being while doing this important work of transforming conflict? If self-care does not impact the quantity of our life, it certainly impacts the quality.

In this interactive workshop, we will explore:

What does self-care mean to you? 
What does it mean in practical terms? 
What are some of the common self-care challenges faced by mediators?
How can we best address any triggers and overcome them? 

We will also discuss specific actionable tips, as well as best self-care practices to optimize your health & well-being. Research shows that happiness is, first and foremost, a decision. After that, it is all about self-care. 


Arezou Kohan, Esq., CPCC (Presenter) is a former Los Angeles litigator and mediator turned Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

Maurice J. Attie (Moderator) is a Los Angeles based Mediator.

Simon Fox (Presenter) is Executive Director of the Adventures in Caring Foundation in Santa Barbara, California.

get into the habit of setting, developing small strategies, tactics specifically what you can do into a timeline. Strengthening your tenacity and confidence. Create the identity of someone who can set a goal and then take the action.

How you are going to get there?


Had to ask CT to forgive the debt. I asked him for June and that i would be willing to pay 10 dollars or the 20. ask him Sunday or Monday.


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