that shootings stem from murder and envy and resentment. so ask yourself? Why so insecure. It’s not what they think anyways. do not give your power away. I love you, but had to detach, because I love myself and therefore, protect myself.  Is it because we are racist and prejudice? Not many would actually admit it, but most of us do have a pre-judgement about people. It may be their color, their religion, their race, their gender, their whatever. Does it not stem from insecurity? We don’t want to get hurt and we all want a fair shake!

I love you, but cannot allow myself to be abused anymore. Because I love myself.

I am going to start writing again. Even if it only five minutes a day. so here goes:

I am from Denver, Arvada to be specific.

I went to high school, got an AA degree, got a Bachelors Degree, got a Masters Degree. Got sober, got saved, got delivered got hired, got fired, got sick, got well.  Oh, I had my checkup yesterday at the hospital. Doc said I am fine and that I can color my hair.

Been reading Jon Acuff: Do Over and start. This guy and I have a lot in common. He has had many jobs: some he got fired from, some he quit. but he learned that following your dream is not all cutesy and unicorns. that it actually is systematic and smart and going through with the fear and calling people and throwing up and being okay, well, I will let him speak for himself:

An insightful, witty look at how to turn a job into a dream without turning that dream into a nightmare. Quitter is a book about how it’s possible not only to survive but actually thrive in the tension between a day job and a daydream. With the wit and insight gained in a dozen years of cubicle living, Acuff shows us all why we don’t have to become the “I’m, but” generation. I’m a teacher, but I want to be an artist. I’m a project manager, but I want to start my own business. If you’ve ever sat in a cubicle and thought, I don’t want to do this job for the rest of my life, this book is for you. amazon page.


But here is why we leave our jobs: Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail To Keep Their Best Talent.  So if you are wondering what to put why you left your last job (I am), these are good reasons.

People don’t get it: how life is a gift. We just go about our mediocre, play it safe, (and we do need safety), lives, worried about money, which does pay rent! and what others think.  Basic fears by Napoleon Hill.  the catch is to think about the good that can come and still keep the day job, but doing the side hustle. Maybe the side hustle takes off, maybe it doesn’t. But it’s about a fulfilling life and helping family, friends and others reach their potential. There has to be a way: to be with family and friends, to play the harp, to still be employed full-time so I can make my expenses, to be able to travel, to get my own place and decorate it and practice hospitality. and to write non-fiction articles or something else, like a novel.


Every life matters:


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