There has to be more to the story

so I read these stories about people who lived in cars and ate at the shelter and now they are millionaires and living the high life. So what was the change?

Was it having a great topic for a book and then getting that book published.  Was it the ability to connect with the readers. Was it thinking about abundance thoughts? There is more than enough for me?  Where do I start? Do I start a blog that says conflict resolution, $50 dollars. I will resolve your conflicts and do the paperwork, $50 a hour.  Landlord/tenant., couples counseling, employee/management?  That is my specialized field.  The other is playing the harp for your event. $250 for two hours. That includes your selection of music, practice, lugging the harp to your event and making it elegant.


there is a way to do this! you  have to believe in yourself, sell the product and be good and ethical. marketing, planning, using the internet to advertise yourself.

stop caring what others think and be around those yo love!



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