Music as a peacemaker

I play the harp. everybody loves the harp. It brings peace and softens the emotions.  Be thou my vision

I have a Masters Degree in Conflict resolution.

CAMP mediators are on-site at the Malibu, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles and Lancaster Courts to provide parties an opportunity to mediate their case at the courthouse, rather than going to trial. In the Superior Court, the cases are assigned by the court clerk to mediation and a CAMP mediator will hold several mediation sessions per day for the court. In small claims court, CAMP mediators address the parties assembled in the courtroom and inform them of the potential benefits to mediating their case. They then invite them to mediate in a room provided by the court. While the vast majority of cases that go to mediation end in agreement, the parties do not lose their right to have their case heard by a judge if mediation is unsuccessful.

put these together and you have someone who wants to bring peace.

There has to be a way to make a living doing these two things!


or not. I could just do them because I love them and find another way to support myself.

Support your dreams.


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