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I realize I haven’t been writing original stuff lately. I am a fake. I want you to think that I am this great harpist (actually, I do play the harp, I just am not supporting myself with it-yet!)  I can write. I wrote about Jesus’ view of Women

and my capstone was about Eleanor Roosevelt, Amy Carmichael and Lilly ledbetter and what these great women have to teach us now and empow!

Wonder Woman

I am not great. I get scared, I want to control the future, I am not in charge. God is and my trust is iffy at most sometimes. I have to come to terms that this chapter is ending. and I cannot just sit here and look at walls; I had to take some sort of action to get off food stamps, to get off unemployment, to pursue a dream, to get my own place, to believe I can support myself and earn money and not have to nickel and dime people like a shyster.  I am sorry I deceived  you into thinking I am something great when i am just struggling and trying like everybody else. I am a spoiled rich white girl who needs to step up to plate and support herself because newsflash: no one is coming. and if he is, he will make me his slave because when men support you they think they own you and nobody owns me but gGod!

When the external pressure becomes greater than the internal character, we cave. Chuck Carter

 don’t cave. don’t live in a cave.


noun: shyster; plural noun: shysters
  1. a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods  in business

    When you become obsessed, you develop tunnel vision. Nothing else matters. You simply don’t have to “break yourself of bad habits” because those bad habits cannot compare to your obsession. Find your obsession and everything else will fall into line.

    What is your obsession? playing the harp, healing others, writing, teaching) traveling. I think it’s time I take a chance and live passion and love and stop worrying.

    Do you have one? If not, what are you going to do to change that – starting today? (Source: here)

    case/lang/viers performs on good Morning America



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