moving or moving?

purpose, plan, pattern, provision. So the purpose is to heal and to resolve and to cheer and to help and to earn and to travel and to play and to bring joy.

The patter, open door in Florida. Interview in Aspen.

the plan: California, to Colorado to Florida.

California can be very beautiful.

taking chances, need to move forward. didn’t realize it actually meant physically moving.  Do I really have to leave the state to move forward. I just texted her. I don’t have systems in place yet.  I guess what I am trying to say is that it isn’t easy leaving a place where you’ve lived for the past 12 years. I just wish I had gotten a job. Why am I so resistant to working? Is it because I had a bad experience?  I have to let that go and have to let the new creative energy in.


I have a friend who will let me stay with her in florida. But there are no mountains in florida.  this all started when I read a devotion about getting off the crutches and depending on solely on god. I got just a twinge of guilt about being on food stamps. not there there is anything wrong with that. but the goal is to get off the food stamps and the medical and to be fully employed. Then I could get a place and get my harp.  but I just texted the landlady and asked if she would rent me the room and perhaps I could bring my harp back.


UPDATE: I am in Eagle Colorado. Okay,so this is weird. I am driving and stopped at the Welcome center in Fruita. and they told me that the I 70 was going to be closed because of the rock maintenance. so, instead of stopping inGrand Junction, I drove past glenwood to Eagle.  Checked in and worked out a little and then went over to the market.  Remember,my California food stamps don’t work here so I have to pay cash.  See, the price of freedom means you have to pay for it yourself.  anyways, the deli did have Boar’s Head cheese.  and i got broccoli and salad. healthy! so they are hiring and doing a job fair and so I went  n an interview.mind you, i am tired, hungry and stressed out.  But did the interview and she told me to fill out an application and it’s full time with benefits including a 401(k). so i am going to fill out the application and see what happens. Could this be my miracle?

May God give u friends who’ll support ur dreams pray for u in the midst of challenges respect u for ur individuality & celebrate ur success!


The two risk mistakes

Risk mistake number one: Risk means failure.

This worldview equates any risk, no matter how slim, with a certainty. If the chances of hurting yourself skydiving are 1%, it’s easy to ignore the 99% likelihood that it will go beautifully.

If you carry this worldview around, you’re not going to take many risks, because your fundamental misunderstanding is that whatever is uncertain is bad.

Risk mistake number two: Low risk events don’t happen.

This is the stock investor who freaks out when the market doesn’t go up the way he and everyone else expected it to. The reason that some investments offer higher returns is that they’re not guaranteed to work. Implicit in that high return, then, is the clear warning that sometimes, you won’t get what you’re hoping for.

I’m not distinguishing between optimism and pessimism. The optimist is well aware of risks, but deep down, she believes that things are going to get better. The risk-blind individual, though, is willfully (or perhaps ignorantly) unaware of what risk actually is.

Most of the things that we do have two possible outcomes: they might work or they might not. Being able to live with the possibility of either is essential if we’re going to move forward.



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