and then those little anodynes

Emily Dickinson (1830–86).  Complete Poems.  1924.
Part One: LifeIX
THE HEART asks pleasure first,
And then, excuse from pain;
And then, those little anodynes
That deaden suffering;
And then, to go to sleep;         5
And then, if it should be
The will of its Inquisitor,
The liberty to die.









The enemy of creativity is Resistance, the all-encompassing term for what Freud called the Death Wish:

That destructive force inside human nature that rises whenever we consider a tough, long-term course of action that might do for us or others something that’s actually good.

Our lives are made up of a series of choices between leaping into the unknown in the direction of our dreams and shrinking back into the familiar, ho-hummery of our comfort zones.

So many of us resist going for our dreams while doop de dooing our way through something else that’s far less important to us instead – eeeeek!

Whether it’s starting your own business, writing a book, recording an album, getting over your crappy relationship with money, moving out of a place you hate into one you love…..

If you want to make this the year you knock it out of the park, here’s what to do when Resistance rears its ugly head (and it will, oh yes it will):


Sit down and start writing.

Take steps to start your own business.

Pick up your guitar and start playing.

Hire a coach.

Buy the plane ticket.

Show up for yourself, every day.

And before you know it, your life will be a work of art.


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