I  was a good student: I showed up, got good grades, wrote the papers, solved the Math Problems, why, I was even Queen of Math and Spelling in second grade. I graduated and went to College and worked jobs and got on the Dean’s list and got another job and got saved and got sober and learned to play the harp and worked in another job and then took care of a family member and volunteered and got a Masters Degree, got sick and then got healthy again and am a survivor and none of those things mattered when it came time to go back to work.

I don’t know, maybe I didn’t attract it like the law of attraction says I am supposed to (even though I am not my own higher power), maybe it was my hair color, or age or skills, or that I didn’t specialize my resume or whatever.

Nothing is certain as Seth says.

Now that I got a job, I need to be personable, professional, care about the customers, show up on time, have some ethics and respect and do the harp and writing thing on the side. Also, be kind to others. But not allow hurtful people to manipulate or hurt me anymore.

How you say what you say might register way more than what you actually say…. people’s nervous systems are listening more than their ears.



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