THIS is one of the greatest statements of spiritual law ever made. Even in the pages of the Bible itself there is no clearer or more definite guidance in the art of living. Shakespeare here gives us a complete statement of metaphysical truth. Every student of this science should write it in letters of fire upon his heart. It is the door of freedom, and the Jacob’s ladder from earth to heaven .
There is nothing in the universe that you cannot do or be if you are mentally ready. People speak of golden opportunities, but what we call opportunity is really ones own mental readiness. Napoleon said, “Opportunities? I make opportunities”; and while this would  be merely a vainglorious boast for one who is not on the spiritual basis, yet when you do understand the Truth of Being, it is simply a statement of fact. The Romans could have had the telephone; the Greeks could have had the cinema; the Babylonians could have had the automobile–had they been mentally ready. The laws of nature were the same in those ages as in ours, the same materials were in the ground-but the minds. of the Ancients were not ready for those things, and so they had to go without them.
We say in metaphysics that demand and supply are one, and it is’ equally true that supply and demand are one also. Supply the necessary mental condition, and the demand, the opportunity, or the occasion, will  present itself automatically.
Whenever you are ready you will find that everything else is ready too.
October Haiku
your leaves are bright orange
and the air is chillier
can you please hug me

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