it’s okay

I am glad now you got what you wanted. Seriously, I hope you enjoy and that those things bring you good memories and that you feel loved. Sorry I kept changing the plan, I realize you needed certainty, and I did not provide that. I was unstable. Please forgive me for my angry outbursts and insulting you.

it’s okay that I am here and not there. I really prefer to be there, but I needed my to see my peeps again, to see them in person and to go through the 12 steps and the Dave Ramsey and the worship and when I get my harp, which will be by November 11th, I will play for them, so that they too can feel the joy and maybe be at peace for those three minutes while I play a song.My friend said she would do a video of me and I can post it. I need to get a smart phone.

Read an article about how happy people make more money.

I will get the fingerprints done and substitute teach.Ii will be working and earning an income and enlarging my world. This may turn out to be something good.


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