Which wolf? that smarts

You’ve heard the story: two wolves, one good, one evil. they fight it out daily. Which wins? the one you feed the most.

Fear or passion and desire. The realization that no one is coming and that if you want it, you have to make time for it, you need to practice, you need to market yourself and you need to not be sloppy and you need to employ other professionals so you can focus.  It takes energy, as opposed to inertia.

go puppy, go puppy, go puppy go

Sarcasm (or should I say scarcasm) answers hurt. You think you are being funny by being sarcastic, but what that really is showing insecurity and anger.  We are all in pain. We all have passions and desires and live half dead and that is why we admire the celebrities who get past the fear and pain and make something bright of their lives. Using it to write the song, paint the picture or even teach a child.  whatever happened to caring? Caring about people and helping them get a place to live, helping them get a job, helping them earn more money, helping them be their best creative selves? Where is the compassion anymore?

Desire  is a book by John Eldredge.  I read it yesterday,. It’s about being fully alive and not squelching your desires and committing soul suicide.


is doing what I want to do. See, it’s possible!


I worked an event today at one of  the Walt Disney properties hotels. It was kind of hokey but the theme was your Dream can come true.


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