Do we accept. Or what can we do?

I do not know what to write. I have been going to meetings and others are saying they are scared and depressed.

others are putting up a fight.  i signed the petition. I had to take some action.


i Will, post election article by Kristof.

I have been subbing and working and looking for a place

I desire to live in the state of grace.

I realize I have been filled with hate and fear.  that’s where the hate comes from: from fear. Fear of being used, fear of death, fear of economic insecurity, fear of rejection.  that’s where the bullies come from. From the fear and rejection unhealed inside them.  I’ve been there. I pray for their healing, I pray for my own. i am crying.


I do not understand white racists. Is it because you are not comfortable in your own skin. I was not raised that way.





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