Math, Tony Bennet

why is math depressed? Because it has so many problems.  ha ha


but all problems are solvable. there are solutions and the solution is taking action, making a what went well today journal. doing one thing toward your goal.

went to a job fair and got a free photo.

I subbed yesterday and worked last night as an elf.


I got paid. Money is a good thing. Friend told me i have to go December 12th because her mother is coming to stay. Asked her other friend to put me up for the month but I pay rent. it’s far, but it’s a fall back.

I declare and decree

a place for me

in the city, located conveniently,

priced affordably

it is harp accommodating, harp friendly, and I get along with the roommate swimmingly.


Read Tony Bennett’s new book this morning.

don’t sin against your talent.


do the fifth step tomorrow with sponsor.


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smart, athletic, musical
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