Why are you saying this?

Moving a conversation forward

That next thing you’re going to say, what’s it for?

Is it to advance the conversation, to get a client, to make them go away, to find intimacy, to share a truth, to ask for help, to offer help, to pass the time, to learn something, to teach something, to build trust…

Talking about the weather is a stall. Stalling has a function, but it’s not the best we can do.

Intention opens the door to forward motion.

Someone has left a note on the car windshield


I was walking to harp practice and saw the keys on the sidewalk. Honest person that I am, I took them into the OFFICE OF THE ART DEPARTMENT. I gave them to the secretary, identifying the car they belonged to.

I left a note on the car windshield directing the person the office and to ask for them and signed my name on the not– as if the person would know who I was. But they don’t know me. I am not famous, I am just another person who would want her keys returned to her. Give and it will be given to you.

But I did want my existence acknowledged. Maybe those were the keys to the kingdom that Matthew 16:19 talks about in the bible. So I could bind my demons of not feeling worthy and therefore had to prove my right to exist. Or perhaps I wanted to lose some prosperity and kindness into the world.


Whatever. Maybe it was just to return the keys to the rightful owner. Simple act. Kind act. I was able to validate my existence.


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