Indian Viscose

I am wearing a shawl today made in India and made of viscose.

Rayon viscose is the first man made natural filament yarn and staple fiber for versatile end uses such as apparel, domestic textiles, automotive applications,

commitment: to get the harp, to get a place, to buy a car. I put in a bid to be a substitute music teacher.  Ask God if it’s right to make this commitment right now?


because getting the harp would mean I am staying for a while. I am still upset that a majority of Christians voted for trump.  Christianity is about caring for the poor and honesty and social services and for the good of all.  that is why I question even staying in Florida. It doesn’t have to be forever, but this is where I am now, at least for the winter. Winters in Colorado can be brutal.  At least I knew people here and was in recovery.



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