G G, Edith Piaf, William Stafford: Conscientious Objector,

G is for generosity. This is what I need to be: more generous because I can be stingy.

G is also for gratitude: for home, health, harp, money, job, friends, air and water and that I have a voice and can speak up.

Edith Piaf, Je Ne Regrette Rien


stop regretting, it’s over and now we can look ahead with a different story.


So I subbed today and learned about William Stafford, The conscientious objector and his poem, Traveling through the Dark, Harper, 1962. sad, he pushed the pregnant doe over the edge.  Man’s inhumanity.

I watched Jeopardy and the final question was Piggy’s last words from Lord  of the Flies.

Conflict can be a force for good.

especially if it means getting tyrants out of office and opposing laws that hurt the poor and the downtrodden.  need to donate to ASPCA or Human Society, need to be humane again.


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