like something primal got stirred up, except no meat

to protect our lives, our rights, that we learned that others’ well-being affects our own.

Image result for lioness arising


this is a really long story, but if you read it carefully, you see that the evil king is wounded by a “random” arrow by a low level soldier and then bleeds to death, remembering what the prophet told him:    the prophet refused to lie and be a yes man, and told him he will be defeated. I pray an “arrow” be cast and the evil ruler bleed to death.  very metaphorical


Regarding the USDA removal of its website:  I contacted the Humane Society with this message:

as saddened as I am about this, what can we do? They will use these animals for testing, and probably for meet. I used to live by the purina factory in Denver and , I don’t know if this is true or not, but my grandmother said they would use horse meat for dogg food. I wonder if meet companies will use dogs, cats, animals in  our food now that grocery stores do not have to label food packages anymore ( se we really do not know what we are eating?)


food stamps, reinstate


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